Marcia is a real lover of nature. The staggering equatorial forest in her home country play a role in that concern. She cannot restore her inner peace, unless she stands in front of a towering tree. Where wild life, plants, and sands impose silence… then she can enjoy a feeling of pantheism, and so begins her journey with stone. When hearing nature’s tones inside the granite block, she embarks on a surface treatment of her monumental sculptures, starting with an assimilation of nature… a hill of sand crowned by a petrified mysterious flower, in a soaring vertical form… against gravity… sways with the spirit of the wind. (…) Diverse textures, either physical or illusion impose dynamism everywhere, suggesting dynamic festival in a lovely rhythmic flush, where straight and curved lines repeat the echo of shadow and light.

Hossam El Din Zakaria - Egypt 2016

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